Stakeholder and public relations is about building meaningful relationships with your clients, customers or community.

We work in partnership with organisations to engage with those who matter most to them, while building and maintaining their reputation.

Publicity & Media Relations

Media coverage offers the invaluable benefit of third party endorsement by sections of the media that are respected by your customers or clients.

Our proactive publicity and media-relations skills have been highly sought-after by public and private organisations, both locally and nationally, due to our strategic, tenacious and targeted approach.

Having worked the scope and breadth of the media, we know what each outlet is looking for and will work with you to identify newsworthy stories that reach those you want to connect with. Our clients benefit daily from our strong news sense and media relationships through a sustained and positive media presence.

Our award-winning services span ongoing publicity campaigns, issues and crisis management, media conferences and announcements and event-based publicity for conferences, festivals and major events.

Issues & Crisis Management

Every organisation is susceptible to issues that have the potential to impact on their reputation, be it a natural disaster, a power outage, change in management or a public safety issue.

While some crises can’t be avoided, there are many issues that can quickly become crises if they are not dealt with effectively and in a timely manner.

We have worked closely with organisations large and small to deal with the internal and external communications required when an issue arises. We do it to protect reputations and minimise long-term damage to brands. We also have experience in proactively developing issues and crisis management plans that can be tailored specifically to your needs, ensuring you are adequately prepared in the event of a crisis.

Employee Communications

Good communication is the lifeblood of your organisation and has a profound effect on your reputation and overall success. How you are perceived internally is just as important as how your organisation is viewed from the outside

We can deliver a range of internally focused initiatives that will assist you to not only attract, but nurture and retain good, productive and satisfied employees – your greatest ambassadors.

Our specialised services include employee opinion surveys, newsletters, intranet development and review, rewards and recognition programs, employee-focused publicity and event management.

Stakeholder Consultation & Engagement

The importance of engaging with those who have an influence over your success cannot be underestimated. Nurturing stakeholder relationships – and following through with actions – is simply good business and prudent risk management.

We deliver community and stakeholder engagement programs for government and private organisations, large and small. Implementation can include community information sessions, one-on-one interviews and focus groups, crafting presentations and documents such as Q&As, fact sheets and information packs, displays, branded giveaways and event publicity.

Event Management

Creating impactful events that are strategically relevant is as important as ever – especially when you’re investing time and money.

We have the experience and know-how to create events that achieve your public relations goals by ensuring the right messages are being seen, heard and above all, absorbed.

Our event management services span creative concept development and project management through to supplier liaison, invitation development and RSVP management, running sheet coordination, speech notes, briefing papers, displays, branded giveaways and event publicity.

Sponsorship Planning & Feasibility

If planned and executed well, sponsorships and community partnerships offer the opportunity to flourish by connecting meaningfully with those who matter most.

We can help you maximise the return on your sponsorship investments by carefully researching and negotiating the terms of the partnership and leveraging it for all it’s worth – and more.

Sponsorship needs to be a mutually beneficial relationship and we’re experts at identifying opportunities for you to support an organisation or a cause in a way that gives bang for your buck. We can help to coordinate and facilitate publicity opportunities that align your organisation’s name with the values of your sponsorship partner. We can arrange client hospitality events that expose your stakeholders to influencers in your market and we’ll help develop and facilitate naming and branding agreements, including the design and production of signage and marketing collaterals. We’ll make sure your name is in front of the people you need to reach so that they know where you’re channelling your support.

Media & Presentation Training

Whether it’s a media interview or a speaking opportunity, how you perform in the public spotlight can have a lasting impact on you and your organisation.

We offer tailored media training and presentation training, giving you the skills to communicate clearly, effectively and confidently.

Our practical, hands-on training sessions offer your organisation’s key spokespeople realistic media interview scenarios based on both positive news and crisis situations. We offer participants a clear understanding of what different media representatives are looking for in a story and provide tools for developing scripts and delivering key messages for TV, radio, press and public speaking opportunities.

Writing & Editing

Writing is fundamental to all that we do. Wherever and whenever words are involved, at communikate et al, we’ve got what it takes to make yours work.

We will work with you to prioritise your key messages and present them in a way that appeals to – and connects with – your audience.

Our writing and editing services include websites, brochures, annual reports, corporate profiles, newsletters, fact sheets, briefs, social media content, media materials, speeches, presentations, advertisements, tenders and award submissions.