Kennett Builders is a fourth generation family business celebrating its centenary year in 2014.
With a proud tradition of success at the highly coveted Master Builders Association Awards, Kennett Builders needed a more efficient way to manage the award submission process, which was taking valuable hours away from staff’s core business operations.

In 2014, Kennett decided to outsource the writing, design and collation of its Master Builders Award entries. As its ongoing marketing and PR partner, communikate et al was the obvious choice to prepare entries for six categories – the highest number of categories Kennett had ever entered.

communikate et al’s work involved:

o reviewing the award criteria and ascertaining information required
o interviewing each project manager for an overview of their respective projects
o drafting each award entry highlighting the points of difference that Kennett Builders employs to deliver building quality, focusing on key challenges and the strategies used to ensure client expectations were exceeded and the project delivered on time and on budget
o creating a polished, professional and high quality design for the entries that reflected the Kennett Builders quality and client service ethic
o collating supporting information (plans, building approvals, letters of permission from clients etc)
o arranging printing and production

And the result? A clean sweep of all entries at the August awards ceremony, culminating in winning the major award for its sector – 2014 Master Builder of the Year (Commercial).

Kennett Builders was delighted with the outcome and thrilled to have streamlined a previously time consuming process for the company, letting communikate et al do the writing and leaving them to do what they do best – building!

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