An image can make or break your content.

A great visual is often your path to higher engagement and ultimately increased click through to your website, especially on highly visual social media platforms like Instagram. So, when a picture can tell a thousand words, make that message matter.

While professional photography captured through content days are always recommended as part of the mix, there are plenty of opportunities in and around this to capture your own photos with your phone given just how far they’ve come.

Here are some simple tips to get the most out of that phone in your pocket!

Stay focused
Play around with your focus. Tap the screen to ensure your subject is in focus, or click to shift focus between people at different points in your photo.

The latter can be particularly effective when subjects are in the foreground and the background. Pulling focus from one or the other can add interest and help your viewers know where to look in a busy frame.

We also encourage you to avoid zooming in when setting up your shot, as this creates pixelation.

Try to move closer if possible, but remember that sharp and clear images from a bit further away will always be easier on the eye than a pixelated close up.

Get creative
Get a mix of portrait and landscape photos for the most versatility, play around with different angles, and make sure to get a mix of close ups and shots from further away.

This is particularly important so you’re able to use images across platforms without any worries of having them all in the wrong dimension. Plus, you might surprise yourself with the look and angle that actually works best.

Remember, the more the merrier! Take plenty of photos and, if you’re sending them on to someone within your team to use, ensure you filter and pass on just the best shots.

The tech in our phones is also only getting better – so experiment by harnessing every tool you can.

If you own a recent iPhone, chances are you have ‘Portrait mode’. This mode can help you take amazing portraits of one or two people.

Details, details…
The little things can sometimes make the biggest difference.

For perfect framing and straight lines, turn on the gridlines on your phone. You can do this via your phone settings to never worry about a wonky horizon again.

If you’re taking a group shot, ensure there aren’t too many people for the best result. We recommend shooting groups of 2-3 at a time where possible.

Finally, before you click shutter take a second to check your subjects.

Are their collars all straight? Buttons done up? Tops tucked in neatly? Jewellery and hair in place? Background tidy? These details can so easily be missed in the moment, but you’ll sure notice them when you look back!