Digital advertising has revolutionised the way we communicate with our audiences. In fact, it has provided the masses with the ability to advertise.

However, if your business operates in the traditional offline marketplace, outside of the digital sphere, you could be wasting your money on Facebook advertising campaigns that are great at converting customers to your website, but not so great at convincing customers to buy over the phone or in your store.

Read on to find out how you can ensure your digital advertising is making you money and not wasting it.

Facebook Offline Events

Recently Facebook launched a brand new way to measure their digital advertising offerings. It’s called Offline Events.

What are Offline Events?

Facebook’s Offline Events works by syncing your customer and sales data from the offline world with your Facebook ads appearing in the digital world. Specifically, you upload a file with information like the customer’s name, purchase, and date of purchase. Facebook then compares that data with the users who saw or clicked on a specific ad campaign, and gives you a more accurate conversion analysis.

Why is tracking Offline Events important?

One of the most powerful things about using digital advertising is the ability to gather and interpret data in real-time and optimise your ads accordingly. However, traditionally digital advertisers have only been able to track digital conversions, which is no use to a business whose main source of income is generated through offline conversions (phone sales, walk-ins, etc.). The ability to now track your offline conversions against your Facebook advertising means you can more effectively allocate your digital advertising budget and ensure you’re getting the best ROI possible.

How do I use it?

You need to set up an Offline Event by navigating to “Offline Events” in your Facebook Business Manager. Once you have that set up, you will be able to select the offline event when setting up your advertisements. You can then upload your sales data into the Offline Event on Facebook and you will be able to see which of the people who clicked on your Facebook advert went on to purchase a product or service via telephone or face-to-face from your shop front.

Need help?

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