It’s far from ‘business as usual’ at the moment. The entire world is coming to grips with the coronavirus pandemic and the impact it’s having on day to day life.

Here at communikate et al, we are busy supporting our clients and staff through the uncertain times we’re facing as a community.

We are very much open, but we’re just working a little differently – like many we’re working from makeshift offices at home.

While our systems and preparedness allow us to do so without any technical glitches, working at a physical distance does of course pose some challenges.

We’ve been staying in touch with each other and our clients via email, phone, Yammer, Teams and Zoom and sharing ideas to help stay focussed and support our own wellbeing.

We know thousands of other Australian workers are doing their jobs remotely too, including many of our clients and suppliers, so we thought we’d compile and share our tips to help you stay productive and healthy while working from home:

Stay active

  • Exercise in the morning, at night, or during your lunch break to get fresh air and help to break up the day
  • Avoid being sedentary by leaving your desk and taking short, regular breaks to walk and stretch your legs
  • Make phone calls away from your desk while walking around the neighbourhood or your backyard
  • Resist the temptation to work from the couch all day – it’s not good for posture and you won’t feel productive

Set the scene

  • If possible, set-up your home office in a room that’s not frequently used, so when you are finished working for the day you can shut the door and ‘leave’ work
  • Style your office space to make it more inviting (take advantage of the clean slate and the clutter you no longer have in and around your desk)
  • Position your desk near a window if you can, so you can enjoy natural light and there’s a connection to the outside world
  • Play your favourite music or podcasts on low volume – the ambient noise will help improve the working environment without being distracting
  • Be mindful of the type of chair you use, to avoid slouching and poor posture

Enjoy the spoils

  • Make the most of being at home by treating yourself to your favourite drinks or snacks during the day, something you wouldn’t have at the office
  • If you have a housemate or family member working from home, take your lunch break together for company… making sure you follow social distancing guidelines!
  • Open your windows and blinds to let in fresh air and sunshine

Stay focused

  • Each morning, get ready for the day as you usually would (including getting out of your PJs) so that you get yourself into ‘work mode’
  • Don’t be tempted to work through the entire day, make sure you take a proper lunch break away from your desk
  • Video calling is great for long discussions and socialising, but sometimes a phone call can save time and get the job done quicker
  • Where possible, limit the time you spend reading news and on social media, to minimise the impact coronavirus may have on your mental health
  • Use headphones to get ‘in the zone’ and block distractions when you’re working to deadlines or for difficult jobs

We hope you find these tips helpful. If you or your business need support during these tough times, call us on (08) 8331 1444 or we’re only a Zoom away!