In August, I dove headfirst into my CK internship, eager to sponge up every ounce of knowledge before waving goodbye to university life. The CK crew welcomed me with open arms, creating an environment where learning felt natural, like I belonged from day one.
It wasn’t just about industry lessons; they taught me the ABCs of client chats and meeting manners. The office turned into my classroom, and every day was like unlocking a new level.

Pitching for a new project with Bec and Mel

One of my favourite projects was developing the pitch for a new client rebrand. Bec, Mel and I collaborated on concepts that called for a lot of imagination. The process was a lot of fun. We strolled through many parts of Adelaide, taking pictures of the locals for the presentation. I gained a lot of knowledge about Adelaide’s multiculturalism that day, particularly in the communities surrounding those council districts. I also discovered that putting a tiny personal touch on your work will improve it.

Jetty Road with Bec and Brydie

The Jetty Road project was unlike anything I had ever done before, but it was definitely enjoyable! I was asked to compile a list of potential locations for a Jetty Road photo shoot in advance.
As we collaborated with Jetty Road and a photographer to capture imagery for the Jetty Road social media pages, I had the opportunity to help Bec and Brydie transform that list of possible destinations into actual places. I got to model for a few shots in addition to helping with the locations!
My comfort zone was pushed by this project, which allowed me to learn about an aspect of the industry not covered at university. The project provided me with an excellent chance to hone my client communication skills as I engaged in conversations with the photographer, Jetty Road staff, and other models.

Rundle Mall with Ben and Vicki

Finally, working with Rundle Mall, one of Ben and Vicki’s biggest and busiest clients at this time of year, was another highlight. Luckily for me, Black Friday and the launch of Rundle Mall’s Christmas campaign all fell within the same month! I helped create some social media pieces, found appropriate influencers for events, and even had front-row seats to an interview with the Executive Manager of Rundle Mall, Andrew White, and 9 News Adelaide. I was able to exercise my research and writing skills over the course of several weeks. Ben provided me with some helpful feedback on my work, which allowed me to improve further.

Saying goodbye to this internship means more than just leaving with news skills. I’m leaving with confidence and a serious passion for PR. Learning the ins and outs of agency life has totally shaped where I want to go next in my career.

Reflecting on it all, this internship wasn’t just about the lessons; it was about growing, making friends, and learning to ‘adult’ in the professional playground. A massive shoutout to everyone who held my hand through this adventure. Even though this chapter’s wrapping up, it’s set the stage for what’s next in my career.