Lock in now, train later

Sharing is caring and we care a lot. We are passionate about arming our clients with the skills they need to connect with those who matter most through a series of digital and media training packages.

With the end of financial year almost upon us, communikate et al is offering organisations the opportunity to spend any remaining professional development budget by locking in training sessions before 30 June 2021 and redeeming the sessions before the end of the year.

Our team will share their insights and knowledge, through tailored training sessions including:

  • Presentation Skills Training
  • Media Coaching
  • Social Media Management
  • Introduction to Facebook Advertising
  • Writing for the Web
  • LinkedIn Training

To discuss our packages, prices or a tailored solution, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or email.
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Presentation Skills Training

Whether addressing a small group around a meeting table or a large crowd in an auditorium, the performance of a presenter is paramount to the effectiveness of any presentation.  The content of a presentation is important, but if not delivered effectively, the opportunity may be lost.

This training package aims to build the performance skills of a presenter by encouraging self-analysis and capitalising on existing strengths. Sometimes it can take only a few small tweaks to become an engaging and effective speaker.

Participants are asked to bring a prepared presentation, or excerpt, to the session.

The format of the training can be tailored to suit the needs of participants i.e. in interactive workshop-style groups or intensive, discreet, one-on-one sessions for individuals.

Our training covers the following topics:

  • What makes a good presentation
  • Self-assessment
  • Understanding your objectives and audience
  • Presentation techniques – pace, tools, tone, nerves
  • Run through of a presentation by each participant (recorded)
  • Watch and learn
  • Take Two – each participant repeats their presentation (recorded)
  • Follow up – notes provided for each participant around learnings and areas for growth and a follow up session is held

Recordings are available to take away.

Single participant intensive

  • 2-hour initial session
  • Written feedback
  • 75 min follow up session

Group sessions

Up to 3 participants

  • 3-hour initial session
  • Written feedback
  • 90 minutes follow up session
Media Coaching

How an organisation responds to and manages media enquiries can have a strong impact on its brand – both positive and negative.

Before embarking on a proactive media relations program, it is important your spokespeople undergo media training to ensure all opportunities are maximised and key messages are effectively communicated. This is also critically important in the event of any negative situations that could or do arise.

Our media training sessions are tailored to each client’s needs and include scenarios specific to your business.

Our practical training and coaching will provide you and your team with the skills to make the most of every interview opportunity, confidently delivering the organisation’s key messages while protecting your reputation as a whole.

Our 3.5-hour training session for up to 3 people covers:

  • The Australian media landscape
  • What makes news
  • What a journalist wants
  • Dealing with the media – protocols
  • Interview tips and tricks
  • Your interview – filmed and reviewed for feedback
  • Refining key messages
Social Media Management

Our hands-on training session will arm your team with the knowledge and tools to effectively manage your social media presence.

The session covers training in the channel of your choosing: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or a combination. It includes theoretical and practical activities that provide you with a sound understanding of the necessary strategy, management and advertising principles to get the most from your channels.

The exact content covered will depend on your existing knowledge, skills and areas of interest. The session would be tailored to meet your needs. As a guide, our standard social media training session covers:

Our 3.5-hour training session for up to 3 people covers:

  • Best practice principles and industry standards
  • How to grow your social media accounts
  • How to grow your social media engagement
  • Tips and tricks for effective social media management
  • Photography and content advice
  • Recommended management and monitoring tools
  • Advertising basics (how and when to use it)
  • Social media advice specific to your organisation
  • We would also provide a take home copy of the training presentation and additional resources to help improve your social media presence.
Introduction to Facebook Advertising

This training series gives you the knowledge and confidence to get started in the world of Facebook advertising. We help you understand the online marketing landscape and identify the right advertising channels to achieve your business objectives.

You’ll be provided with the tools and knowledge to develop targeted and effective Facebook advertising campaigns that deliver results.

Our 2 x 2-hour training sessions for up to 3 people covers:

  • Understanding advertising objectives and ways to advertise
  • Using the Facebook Ads Manager dashboard
  • Structuring accounts and campaigns
  • Setting up audience targeting (custom, saved, lookalike)
  • Crafting attention grabbing content and imagery
  • Tracking, split testing and optimising your campaigns
  • Platform and spam regulations
  • Creating an ad campaign from start to finish
  • Analysing campaigns and generating reports
  • Helpful guides and free resources

We will also guide you through the set up of your first Facebook advertising campaign. Following the sessions, you will receive phone support, advice and troubleshooting assistance to ensure your campaign is delivering a return on investment.

We also provide training in LinkedIn advertising.

Writing for the Web

The way people read on the web is very different to print, proven via eye-tracking research and a multitude of studies. People are coming to your website to find information, so not giving your content the attention it deserves can result in your site being a wasted investment.

We provide training in how to write for the medium, be compelling and achieve results.

Our 3-hour training session for up to 3 people covers:

  • SEO (search engine optimisation) – to ensure your content can be found on search engines like Google, including keyword research and on page elements such as title tags, heading tags, meta descriptions and more
  • Accessibility – trying to make your content accessible to people of all abilities, including those who rely on assistive technologies like screen readers, e.g. the vision impaired
  • Best practice – following website standards which ensure usability and help make your website frictionless for your users
LinkedIn Training

Technology is constantly changing, which means the way businesses and brands market themselves is changing too. While social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are great tools for connecting with your customers, they can be less effective in marketing your business to other businesses or potential employees. That’s where LinkedIn comes in.

When used successfully, LinkedIn can be an invaluable tool for job searching and recruiting, career development and networking, and business to business marketing. Whether you’re a company with hundreds of employees or a small family run business, there are many benefits in having a personal presence and company page.

LinkedIn allows you to tell your story, showcase your success, build your brand, help potential employees and customers find you, nurture your reputation, and promote your business. With over 600 million professional profiles on LinkedIn and 30 million company profiles, the opportunities are endless.

As digital specialists, we will guide you through using the LinkedIn platform both personally and professionally. We’ll also share expert tips and tricks to help you get the most out of the platform and maximise your return on investment.

Our 3-hour training session for up to 4 people covers:

  • Overview of LinkedIn
  • How to use LinkedIn to build a personal brand and customer relationships
  • How to use LinkedIn for professional networking
  • How to use LinkedIn for business marketing
  • How to use LinkedIn for social selling
  • A take home copy of the training presentation

Post-training support can be provided for an additional fee. For instance, we can provide support reviewing and updating your persona or company page.