At CK, our eyes and ears are always open – as consumers, parents, customers and marketers. It’s in our DNA, we can’t help but observe, critique, admire.

We share lots of interesting and inspiring content amongst our team, but now we’re going to make a habit of sharing with you, our CK community.

It could be a devastatingly beautiful ad, a piece of art, a clever campaign, our favourite places to eat out or explore, or a podcast we’re loving.

This week, Bec has compiled a selection of campaign videos from brands who have something to say.

We hope you enjoy!

What We Do Next

Credits: Saatchi & Saatchi
A compelling message delivered beautifully by Deutsche Telekom as part of International Youth Day. The power lies in its storyteller, Billie Eilish – someone many young people will listen to. It recognises that technology is a part of life, so let’s embrace it for good.

#wombstories – Bodyform

Credits: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO
This feels like a turning point. This highly crafted masterpiece tackles the often taboo subject of the female womb in all its pain and glory. Bravo for being so bold, heartbreaking and beautiful.

For Once, Don’t Do It – Nike

Credits: Wieden + Kennedy Portland
Nike was quick to release its socially conscious ad in response to the #blacklivesmatter movement. The sports giant called on Americans not to ignore the issue of racism in the US. It’s simple, topical and highly impactful.

You Can’t Stop Us – Nike

Credits: Wieden + Kennedy Portland
Nike once again hit the mark with You Can’t Stop Us, which involved the editing of 4,000 pieces of footage of 36 athletes from around the world. It aims to demonstrate the commonalities amongst sportspeople, especially during this challenging time. This video has attracted 52 million views on YouTube and counting …

Evolution: Campaign for Real Beauty – Dove

Credits: Ogilvy & Mather-Toronto
While it’s a little older, the important message by Dove will unfortunately remain relevant for many years to come. Australian Tim Piper’s award-winning Dove Real Beauty campaign “Evolution” shows the dramatic transformation of an everyday woman into supermodel-like-looks with the help of make-up, styling and editing.