The start of a new year means it’s time to reset, reflect and refresh your business’ online presence. There’s no time like the present to get your digital channels working FOR you rather than adding to your workload.

It’s no surprise that people (your customers, stakeholders and staff) are online now more than ever before. In our recent blog, digital marketing during COVID-19, we talked about the huge shift in online browsing behaviour (internet traffic is up 50%) and why it’s critical businesses adapt their digital marketing strategy during these unique times.

But where do you start when it comes to refreshing your digital marketing and getting your business where all the eyeballs are online?

1. Reset your goals – What does your business want to achieve in 2021?

Outline your broader business goals for 2021 and align each to the digital channel you’ll use to achieve them. Make it measurable by adding the metrics you’ll use to determine success. After all, if you can’t measure it then you can’t improve it!

For example:

  • Business goal #1: Increase attendance at training workshops by 20%
    • Relevant digital channels: Website blog, Facebook posts, LinkedIn posts
    • Actions to measure: Social media engagement, link clicks, ticket purchases

Benchmark your digital performance against previous years and check reputable sources to see how you stack up to the rest of your industry (i.e. Rival IQ, Yellow or Hubspot).

2. Reflect on your activity – What worked in 2020 and what didn’t?

Review your digital activity over the past 12 months using Google Analytics and other platform insights (i.e. Facebook Insights). What resulted in the most conversions (e.g. sales, leads, sign ups, clicks)? Do more of this!

Try repurposing your best performing content from the previous year (i.e. a blog, social post or EDM) by giving it a new spin and updating the imagery. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel every time.

3. Refresh your approach – What’s something new you can try in 2021?

Keep your online presence fresh in 2021 by experimenting with new tools, features or platforms. What do your audiences want to know about? How can you keep them engaged?

Why not try…

  • Instagram Reels – This new feature is popular for a reason! We’ve seen a massive jump in organic reach, impressions and engagement for businesses who are embracing Instagram Reels
  • Instagram ShopThe Shop feature has been around for a while, but it recently got its own tab within the app, making it easier for people to discover products. If you’re a product-based business, this is a must
  • Digital advertising – Not advertising online? Your competitors are! Reach your audience on the go, wherever they are online. Target them with relevant, timely content that drives action. Not sure where to start? Try the Facebook ads transparency tool to see what others in your industry are doing and get inspiration for your own campaigns
  • Social listening tool – Listening platforms are useful for understanding what’s being said about your business and industry online. It helps gather intelligence from your stakeholders and competitors and can even mitigate risk and help manage crises. Check out the latest Forrester Wave report for a comparison of the top tools
  • Content planning – More heads are better than one! Take a collaborative approach to planning your marketing content by using a tool to organise, share and seek internal feedback on ideas. We like Airtable

Need help refreshing your online presence?

If you need help, communikate et al is here to assist. Ask us about our digital audit package to help kickstart your business in 2021.

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