Steve Dangerfield is a leading stakeholder engagement expert with over 20 years’ hands-on experience in community and Government relations. With an extensive career spanning senior and specialist community engagement roles at SA Water, Land Management Corporation, Urban Projects Authority and the SA Housing Trust, Steve joined communikate et al as an Account Director in March 2016.

With a talent for planning and delivering best practice issues management, risk communication and community engagement, Steve has led many projects where the management of community concerns is paramount to success.

Steve’s community engagement expertise and facilitation skills are well known and highly regarded in Australia. Under his leadership, many high profile, politically sensitive and high risk projects have been successfully delivered – bringing the community on the journey and delivering positive support for Government initiatives and large, high profile projects.

One of Steve’s key strengths is his ability to quickly build relationships and trust with communities, opening lines of communication, and ultimately enabling projects to move forward.

Projects where Steve has been instrumental in managing community interest include the Adelaide Desalination Project, the award winning North South Interconnection Systems Project, the Clovelly Park land contamination project and the Eyre Peninsula Water Security Plan Project.  More recently, Steve managed community issues and interests associated with the planned closure of the Leigh Creek Coal Mine and the Port Augusta Power Station in regional South Australia as well as providing strategic advice on a range of community issues to various South Australian Government agencies.