“Ashleigh your design work and vision has been terrific and everyone is extremely happy with the final product.

Leslie your guidance with the project(s) has been exceptional and I really appreciate your flexibility and understanding with many of the elements.

Amber our organisation, communication and coordination has been spectacular! Your patience to deal with multiple project changes but still managing to execute every project on time has been a wonder to watch. I appreciate that we have thrown a tonne of work your way and you have still managed to remain extremely professional.

Overall, it has been a tough battle but I feel the end result truly reflects the super effort communikate has provided to the rebranding.”

Grant Bailey, National Marketing Manager

Nexus Pharmacy Group

Thank you for a first class photo shoot today.
Everything went perfectly – even the weather!
The models, photographer, house, catering, props, wardrobe and make-up all went without  hitch and you are to be commended for overseeing everything.
The last minute exclusivity agreement was well worth us having some peace of mind so thank you also for accommodating this at short notice.
Can’t wait to see the images live on our website and collateral.
Please pass on my sincere thanks to all involved on behalf of Seeley International.

Jayne Osborne, Marketing Services Manager

Seeley International

“communikate et al has a real connection with our bigger picture. They don’t just ‘do marketing’, their alignment with our school is spot on. They provide valuable insights and ensure we’re effectively communicating the unique benefits of our school to the right people.

communikate et al really understand the ethos of Catholic Schools and the Edmund Rice tradition. Over many years the team has worked closely with us to gain a deep understanding of what we’re all about, our offering, our core values and our positioning in a competitive landscape – and our marketing reflects this.”

“communikate have certainly delivered on our intentions for their work.  Our school enrolment has increased by 25% since 2014 and we now have an effective marketing plan that is evidence based and fits within our school’s budget parameters, ensuring we approach this important part of our work in a systematic and planned way (rather than the ad hoc approach that characterised our marketing in the past).

The staff at communikate have impressed me with the quality of their work, their creative and innovative ideas, their patience, agility and understanding when school priorities worked against meeting marketing deadlines and their willingness to listen, take our ideas on board and work with the school-based marketing team.

Northern Adelaide Senior College is very grateful to Amber, Leslie and Kate for their ongoing support of our school and their firm belief in the work we are doing.  I would certainly recommend the team at communikate et al to any school looking to develop a strong and consistent communication strategy and community profile.”

“Everyone we dealt with was very professional, the SEO component seems to be working which is excellent. Someone just rang because we came up top on their search! We have ended up with a user friendly website that suits the doctors and the patients’ needs.”

“From my perspective the staff at communikate, starting with Kate herself, have been so welcoming that I have felt like part of the family from the first meeting. This has immediately put me at ease and has allowed everyone to form a relationship very quickly with barriers being removed instantly. I have felt that I can ask anything; nothing is too silly or inappropriate. I am intently listened to and the interpretation of my vision is unparalleled. communikate are very innovative and always seem one step ahead of me offering new ideas, new direction and/or focus.

I feel reassured that all at communikate really care about my business, my success and also about me. I no longer see them as my PR company/consultants – they are my friends who have got my back professionally any time I need it and I know that we are all travelling together, taking my company and my vision forward.”

“communikate et al has been our communications partner in SA since early 2007, kicking off with the task of highlighting our brand new sponsorship, at the time, of Team Vodafone before Clipsal 500 in early 2007. After Vodafone dominated the media during that time, communikate et al continues to deliver on its promise of exceptional and consistent results across the board. In summary, people are the brand and the brand is the people. communikate et al get this and it really works for us.”

“Since 2010, we have worked closely with the communikate et al team on a range of public relations activities for our multi-award winning and world renowned Jacob’s Creek Visitor Centre. They have become an important part of our team and continually add value to our communications and events strategy. I would highly recommend the communikate team, and like us, I am sure you would enjoy building an ongoing relationship with them.”

Greg Stirling, Head of Brand Sites and Visitations

Orlando Wines

“I’d like to thank the team at communikate et al for all the great work you did for the recent recruitment campaign for the Governor’s Leadership Foundation (GLF) 2009 program. As a result of all the media exposure and public relations support we received, applications for the program increased by 40% and an outstanding group of people have now been selected to participate in 2009. The ability to select a diverse group of high-potential emerging leaders from a large pool of strong candidates is one of the most critical tasks in determining the success of the program each year. It also affects the ongoing development of the GLF alumni network and the impact of the program on South Australia over the longer term. Thank you for supporting this important initiative.”

Niki Vincent, Chief Executive Officer

Leaders Institute of South Australia

“communikate et al has successfully helped us to achieve our goal of full enrolment. Their very professional approach in analysing all marketing materials, surveying stakeholders and positioning us in the marketplace has resulted in amazing results very quickly. Extensive expertise in establishing a Foundation and forming corporate partnerships provided valuable guidance for the very successful launch of our Foundation.”

“communikate et al gets results. The full range of marketing and PR services provided by this professional, reliable and friendly team regularly exceed our expectations. We’re particularly impressed by their capacity to meet multiple tight deadlines while keeping an eye on the bigger picture. We have been delighted to see so many of our good news stories appearing in a range of media as a result of the ongoing media relations campaign. After just six months of working with us, communikate et al is now an integral part of our team.”

“Since communikate et al was recommended to us we have not looked back. From the outset, their consultants were dedicated to getting up to speed with the inner workings of our business and our industry to ensure they were maximising every opportunity. Our rolling publicity program has achieved unprecedented brand awareness for Adam Internet, establishing us as a core South Australian business and raising our profile to the point where journalists seek out our opinion on issues of the day. In addition to proactively setting and delivering a strategic communications plan for our business, communikate et al has also used its tools to highlight our community commitment. I couldn’t recommend communikate et al more highly.”

Scott Hicks, Managing Director

Adam Internet

“Vodafone Australia has a long-standing relationship with communikate et al and the work they did to launch TeamVodafone’s Clipsal 500 campaign in 2010 was just another example of the agency’s professionalism, creativity and efficiency. In less than three weeks communikate et al devised the event concept, managed all event and media activities and created a great experience for the fans on the day. communikate et al also generated substantial national coverage across TV, radio, print and online media, making TeamVodafone the most visible team in Adelaide ahead of Clipsal 500 and creating some great brand awareness for Vodafone.”

“Thank you for the incredible work communikate et al has undertaken on the Scan Conversion Services website. The website design is impressive and looks great on both desktop and mobile devices. The revised website has already captured a number of good quality leads, which will only increase thanks to the great SEO work communikate et al continues to undertake. communikate et al’s ongoing search engine optimisation ensures the Scan Conversion Services website consistently ranks top three in Google search results for five out of seven of our primary keywords. Incredible considering how highly competitive the market is for these keywords. We have also seen some of our secondary keywords generate first place rankings, an impressive result. We appreciate communikate et al’s continued efforts to gather us quality prospects.”

Richard Bates, Chief Executive Officer

Scan Conversion Services

“Communikate’s expertise on the subject matter was evident from our first meeting. Their willingness and enthusiasm in supporting us through the process was greatly appreciated.”

Silvana Segat, Online Communications Advisor

City of Mount Gambier

“CIBO Espresso has had a long association with communikate et al, first engaging their services for our launch in December 2000. At that time, PR was foreign to us, let alone the ideas that communikate et al came up with which challenged our thinking and, in the end, successfully promoted CIBO in ways we never thought possible.

communikate et al understands CIBO and even helped to form one of the characteristics of the brand, the ‘cheeky Italian’. They were instrumental in helping us to educate coffee lovers that you can have quality takeaway coffee and, as a result of this change in mindset, we have now grown to 17 stores in Adelaide and Brisbane.

Following a short hiatus from PR, we reconnected with communikate et al to increase our PR exposure which is one of the best things we have done. We are now enjoying some very special PR in both markets thanks to a dedicated team who really help bring our ideas to fruition with minimal fuss.

We are looking forward to doing many more great things together.”

“communikate et al has become an invaluable part of the marketing team at Centro Arndale; providing a sound strategic direction and foundation for the centre, which has opened up a multitude of opportunities both with media and the local community. Their commitment to understanding all facets of the business, coupled with a truly hands on approach, has seen the implementation of a successful PR program throughout the shopping centre’s $35+ million redevelopment”

“communikate’s brief was to assist us with our social & digital media strategy and implementation. The proof is in the results: increased engagement, increased efficiencies, reliable and trustworthy – yes, yes, yes! The staff at communikate are friendly and professional which makes working with them so easy and enjoyable and they feel just like an extension of our own team.”

“When the Global Financial Crisis struck in 2008, we reviewed our business structure and prepared to relaunch when the markets began to recover. When the time came in early 2010, it was crucial for National Finance Club (NFC) to rebuild brand awareness amongst the mortgage broking industry. communikate et al got to know our business quickly, creating a proactive media program that supported our growth plans and kept our brand top of mind with brokers.”

Lawrie Moore, Head of Operations

National Finance Club

“Our collaboration with communikate has definitely increased Parallax’s profile and the business community’s understanding of our work, skills and methodology. Most tellingly is the increase in the number of approaches from prospective clients since working with communikate. It is a pleasure to work with communikate’s energetic, enthusiastic and professional team.”

Leanne Vine, General Manager

Parallax Design

“Partnering with a communications firm was a new venture for Ord Minnett in South Australia, but one that we recognised was needed if we wanted to boost our profile in the state. We were in a situation where we had excellent people providing exceptional services, but only those ‘in the know’ were aware of us. communikate et al was initially brought on board on a trial basis and quickly demonstrated its value. Their consultants have helped us to establish strong relationships with core business and finance journalists, resulting in strong, consistent and timely media coverage. Recognition of the Ord Minnett name and what it is we do has been greatly enhanced by the work of the communikate et al team.”

Nick Ross, State Manager SA

Ord Minnett

“Cminus recently engaged the services of communikate et al in conjunction with the Land Management Corporation for the purpose of contributing to a feasibility study in relation to the potential development of a retail services precinct at Edinburgh Parks.

communikate et al was commissioned to initiate research amongst the precinct’s stakeholders that would determine the demand for food/fuel and other retail services. The research was also scoped to determine the preferred tenancy mix. They were also asked to capture data in relation to potential purchase volumes and frequency, to assist in the assessment of the project’s commercial viability.

Both LMC and ourselves were very impressed with the relevance and significance of the data collected and reported on by communikate et al. In fact our only regret was that we didn’t engage their services earlier in the process. Previously we had commissioned studies from planning/large agency firms to assess the feasibility however these studies relied heavily on estimates and assumptions from similar projects, unlike communikate et al’s research which was “real time” information.

The communikate et al research involved actually speaking with many of the stakeholders and it unveiled a number of useful insights that the other studies had been unable to determine. We found the information communikate et al collected to be very useful because it was very specific to our project and was the actual opinion of stakeholders rather than assumptions based on similar projects.

Cminus would have no hesitation in recommending communikate et al to any organisation and we can readily endorse the value of their research for similar property related projects.”

“Since partnering with HASSELL in 2005, communikate et al has provided endless support in driving both our external and internal communications.
communikate et al’s measured and strategic approach to communications has led to our projects, people, awards and initiatives being featured regularly in the media, while our internal communications processes have become more streamlined. Through listening to our requirements and working in close collaboration with us, communikate et al has helped to significantly raise HASSELL’s profile beyond industry circles.”

“Your most professional and seamless delivery of the communikate et al service has placed the Eye in a very good position and we are sure this will underpin the success of our venture. We are absolutely delighted with the feature on SA Life and the enquiry and bookings following have way exceeded our expectations. This of course followed the initial Advertiser article which also provided us with steady enquiries. Whilst we had to pay for the Fleurieu Living article again it was your assistance to ensure the ad was placed correctly with the right copy that has got the locals talking it up which is exactly what we need.

The Facebook management has set up daughter, Brianna with an excellent template to follow and in passing, Miranda Lang, Executive Officer of Fleurieu Peninsula Tourism who visited us last Friday afternoon, raved about the website. The brochures have also been well received – the standard response when handed to someone is WOW! What you have provided is the delivery of a brief that was going to provide us with a lasting identity, to put us on the map and you have certainly achieved this for us; all for a most reasonable monetary investment.

Please keep an Eye on us though if you think we are dropping the ball or if you hear of any adverse feedback, please take the time to tell us. If you become aware of an opportunity that we could be involved in and requires your ‘steerage’ we will be pleased to hear from you.

Thank you for your great support and in particular your ‘departed to Europe’ colleague, Silvia Knoppien and to you, Ruby for the seamless transition and continuity of outstanding service.”

Joylene and Rob Edwards, owners

McLaren Eye

“communikate et al has been critical in getting our marketing calendar and marketing messages organised. The disciplined way that our account manager Silvia Knoppien has listened and understood our services has been exemplary. We are always confident that our needs have been heard and these are always confirmed in writing following our meetings.

Silvia has been adaptable and flexible in dealing with changing circumstances and business needs and provides us with a touchstone of stability in our ever-changing world. We are very grateful to have been referred to communikate et al for our marketing needs.”

Ted Jedynak, Director

Foot and Leg Centre

“Since March 2009 JANESCE has worked with communikate el al to strengthen our brand through public relations.

From the very first day we found the team at communikate et al to be highly professional, delivering a consistent brand message throughout a large number of media opportunities. The constant presence of our brand in the media has translated into strong sales growth.

communikate et al understood our brand well from the beginning and they have a great understanding of media relations, timing, and the correct pitch to each demographic. It’s a pleasure to work with a team that is cohesive and well respected in their field.

Congratulations communikate et al in delivering a successful campaign, and we look forward to working with you into the future.”

Kristen Jelk, Director


“communikate came on board to help us launch our new group treatment room at our Rundle St spa in mid 2010. In the first 10 days of opening, endota spa received 19 bookings for the group treatment room and we continue to get around 14 – 16 per month which exceeded our expectations.

communikate made a genuine effort to understand our business to ensure they were able to deliver our PR objectives and were a delight to work with. The team at communikate were so professional, accessible and diligent and really lightened the load for us at such a busy and demanding time. The results of our work with communikate have exceeded our expectations and we look forward to working with them again.”

“Communikate have been working with the Jodi Lee Foundation from the beginning. Over the last few years their value to the Foundation has been considerable. I have not worked with many other agencies that invests so much of themselves in the partnership. As an outcome driven Foundation, we have been very pleased with the contribution of Communikate to our growth.”

“We were so happy with the way that communikate et al embraced our organisation’s message in the lead up to our launch in Adelaide. They were quick off the mark given the short timeline and were totally engaged in our concept right from the beginning. Silvia and Sophie became ‘part of the OzHarvest team’ in a way that was invaluable to the success of our event and also the way our organisation was represented in the media. A huge thanks to all at communikate et al!”

“Carers SA contracted Victoria Firth of communikate to advise us on our social media strategy and to help us to manage the stages in its set up. Victoria’s ability to communicate with people at all levels, her expertise, listening skills and willingness in sharing information and ideas was a big plus in helping us to achieve a smooth learning curve for staff who were very unfamiliar with social media. It was Victoria’s professionalism and patience in coaching us through the set up of Facebook and Twitter that really helped us achieve our organisational goals of increasing our capability to reach family carers through modern technology.”

“communikate et al has done an outstanding job of supporting OzHarvest since our inception in Adelaide two years ago. They have wholly embraced our organisation and our cause to help us to achieve important milestones for the community both locally and nationally. It is wonderful to work with such a dedicated, vibrant and professional group of people.”

“communikate et al provided invaluable support to our recent event providing a constant stream of stories to the media and achieving great coverage for us. They leave no stone unturned and ensure you get maximum exposure – I always recommend them as one of the best PR teams in town.”

“We asked communikate et al to take on the challenging task of effectively communicating the complex issues surrounding marine parks in SA to a public who were generally uninformed of the sustainable nature of fishing and the major social, economic and food security impacts of poorly designed marine parks.

communikate’s task was not made easier by the large and expensive public relations campaigns and budgets of environmental lobby groups who were pressing the Government to create large marine parks in SA, which would be closed to all types of fishing without regard to the impacts on the economies and viability of fishery industry dependent regional communities.

The brief to communikate also included the requirement that this complex issue had to be communicated in a way that was easily understood by both the public and by Parliamentarians, many of whom were also uninformed of the issues and impacts. All this had to be developed, approved, implemented and managed within a very tight time frame of a few weeks, to coincide with a Government announcement on the public consultation period.
communikate were able to develop and deliver, on time, a highly successful and cost effective campaign, which is a tribute to their ability to quickly understand the issues and respond with a comprehensive and creative campaign package. The campaign included development of websites, petitions, social media and animation, which were media that we had not used before.

It was not only us who were impressed – in recognition of communikate’s outstanding campaign of being able to distil complex, scientific ideas to a few simple messages, the campaign animation was highlighted and shown by the Royal Institute in Adelaide as an example of excellence in their Science and the Media series.
The team at communikate did an amazing job and for this reason we will be pursuing work with them in the future. Thanks, Bec, Amber, Leslie and Kate for a job well done.”

Gary Morgan, Chair

Marine Parks Management Alliance

“The Ford Falcon Club of SA has supported the Leukaemia Foundation for many years, but the Aussie Muscle Car Run was our first fundraising drive together. communikate et al’s expertise in media management and social media was a key factor in attracting as many participants as we did and making this event a big success. I’ve been truly impressed by the dedication and enthusiasm they brought to the project, and can’t thank them enough for the part they’ve played in the first ever Aussie Muscle Car Run.”

“We partnered with communikate et al to launch the Leukaemia Foundation’s latest fundraising program, the Aussie Muscle Car Run. communikate et al quickly became part of our internal team, embracing our message and helping us to spread the word with an integrated communications strategy.
The extensive national media coverage, as well as a strategic social media campaign, attracted participants from as far away as Queensland and Western Australia. communikate et al’s support has been instrumental in turning this into a highly successful event, exceeding our fundraising target of $200,000.“

“communikate et al has become a valuable asset to our organisation. We are really impressed by the integrity and passion that they bring to their work with us. Communikate took a long term approach to understanding our business and the sector in which we work. This has meant that Kate, Victoria and the rest of the team offer expert advice and support and assist ABS deliver housing to the most vulnerable in our community.”

“After the first twelve months of working with communikate et al, we were in no doubt that we would continue to use their services.

We have found the team available, well versed in their business and incredibly professional and, since working with communikate et al, the Foundation has seen a significantly increased presence in the media. Importantly, our presence has been quality, helping to support our organisation’s strategic aims and deliver on outcomes. From the start, our account managers understood our aims, the outcomes we were seeking – and our need to report against these.
communikate et al provides, in our experience, the best media, public relations, and communications support and we are now working together on additional projects, such as promotional videos and marketing strategies.

In representing the Foundation in the media, communikate et al must work with a diverse group of stakeholders – from donors, to staff, to government and hospital executives. We are proud to have the communikate et al team represent the Foundation.

We also work with many families and children who are affected by illness or have been patients at the WCH and with communikate et al, we have a team who we trust to share their stories with the integrity and celebration they deserve.”

“We attempted to manage our PR and communication in-house during the early days of business, but since appointing communikate et al, our media presence and publicity has been consistent. Silvia and the team have affirmed our profile as leaders in our field during a time of increasing competition, and have planned our communications structure around key messages, both externally and within our team and existing client base. As a small business, our return on investment with communikate et al has been consistently excellent, a long term practice and one of our best business decisions to date!”

Olivia Harvey, Owner

Dogcity Daycare

“communikate et al is very proactive and demonstrates end-to-end strategic and creative thinking. The agency constantly identifies fresh, local opportunities, acting quickly and effectively to generate strong, high-quality media coverage.

communikate et al has its finger on the pulse in the SA market and possesses a unique ability to consistently find new and interesting story angles that will appeal to local TV, radio and print media, and can be counted on to make national announcements ‘fly’ locally.

Led by a strong team that maximise every challenge presented, communikate et al is honest, straight-up, ready with solutions and constructive feedback and always willing to share their expertise with our PR agencies Australia-wide.

communikate et al plays an important role in our ongoing success as a business.”

“The Credit Union Pageant Company has been a client of communikate et al for several years now and we’ve never considered going elsewhere. The team is passionate, creative, organised and supportive. They consistently go above and beyond in their efforts, utilise their good relationships with the media well, are honest when assessing the PR potential of ideas and think outside the square to maximise opportunities for us. They are a joy to work with and I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

“The team at communikate et al have had an amazing impact on our PR program with their professionalism and understanding of our brand, their ability to create newsworthy stories and their strong media relationships. Our stories are getting a run unlike anything we’ve been able to achieve. Prior to partnering with communikate et al we had been trying to manage PR in-house but with nowhere near the same level of success. It’s great when people tell you that ‘Starlight is everywhere’ – we are achieving real cut through and quality coverage across a broad range of media thanks to their wonderful commitment and enthusiasm to deliver.”

“We believed we had a great story to tell the community but were very reluctant to engage any public relations firm because we were very sensitive to our values and cultural characteristics. After a lot of soul-searching we selected communikate et al to work with us in 2004. They have been a great partner. They work closely with us to understand our strategy, business plans and our culture and now provide wide-ranging advice and assistance including marketing and risk mitigation.

The staff at communikate et al are professional and dedicated to promoting our business in a style that is consistent with our brand, as well as being extremely well organised and pro-active in meeting our needs. They have been with us during a period in which we experienced rapid growth, from being a South Australian company with assets and funds under management of nearly $1 billion, to where we are today with total assets under management and advice of over $3 billion and 38 personal financial centres spread through SA, ACT, regional NSW and WA.

We have also been impressed with their commitment to working for the community as this mirrors our own values and philosophies.

I recommend that you place your trust in their hands for a complete communications package.”

Kevin Benger

Community CPS Australia

“communikate et al has provided communications services to the City of Mount Gambier since January 2008. communikate et al has enabled (and encouraged) the City of Mount Gambier to elevate its thinking to a national perspective and relevancy and your contribution to our success in this regard is very much appreciated.

In order for Council (and the Mount Gambier community) to ‘compete’ we need to take a national view in all that we do. Your skills, expertise and experience has enabled us to be confident in all that we undertake and to be professional and progressive.

Again, thank you communikate et al for your guidance. We look forward to maintaining and growing our success together.”