In September 2012, communikate et al began working with the Women’s & Children’s Hospital Foundation to help it achieve its communications goals and fulfil its vision to make a difference for patients of the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, their families and the community.

communikate et al has worked closely with the Foundation’s in-house communications staff to boost the Foundation’s public profile, encourage donations and position it as a professional and ethical fundraising body. The strategy has focused on publicity and media relations together with a range of other marketing communications activities, including video production, the development of an ambassador program, stakeholder engagement and relations, strategic planning and event management.

communikate et al’s strategic and integrated approach has contributed to increased community awareness and engagement with the Foundation, as well as encouraging donations. Since partnering with the Foundation, more than 208 stories across print, radio, television and online media have been achieved, reaching a readership, viewership and listenership in excess of 25 million. Widespread media coverage, including 60 different media outlets covering stories, helped position the Foundation and communicate its key messages to its primary target audience – the South Australian community.

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