communikate et al were engaged by Windmill Theatre Co to conceive and develop a structured direction for the distinctive brand.

For the past 4 years communikate has worked with Windmill to champion the evolution of this brand and apply it to promoting the artistic output of the iconic South Australian organisation.

Key Objectives

Key objectives of the rebranding process included the creation of a style guide that reflected the personality, style vibrancy and artistic vision of the company.

Similarly, the rebrand had to ensure all corporate and marketing materials were consolidated, the approach was versatile in order to provide longevity and that ample opportunities existed to create audience driven delineation throughout.


The rebrand development spanned all visual elements including typography, imagery and graphic treatment.

The execution has now been rolled out across all marketing materials such as print collateral, signage, tour packs, merchandise, stationery, advertisements and digital elements.

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