In March 2014, Wilderness School appointed communikate et al to drive a strategic publicity and media relations program to further build the school’s reputation.

The goal was to position Wilderness as the leading girls’ school in South Australia, to maintain enrolments and reaffirm the decision and investment made by existing parents to send their daughters to Wilderness.

Following the development of a publicity strategy for the school, communikate et al achieved the following results for Wilderness in March to December 2014 alone:
– 40 editorial stories placed in 23 different media outlets
– 85% of stories contained a photo, making them more likely to be read
– 83% of stories included a quote from a Wilderness representative, increasing the liveliness of the story
– 100% of stories mentioned the full name of Wilderness School, helping to build brand awareness
– 4 million Australians reached

This targeted media coverage was focused on highlighting achievements within the school to celebrate and share the successes of students, and positioning Wilderness teachers as leaders in education.
We worked closely with Wilderness staff and students to set up media opportunities and coordinate photo shoots and interviews to achieve positive outcomes.

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