With a proud history spanning more than 140 years, St Peter’s Woodlands is a reputable co-education Anglican primary school and early learning centre, located just off the foreshore of the iconic Glenelg beach in South Australia.

St Peter’s Woodlands School partnered with communikate et al in 2012 to undertake market research to better understand the general perceptions within the school community.

Staff, students, parents and old scholars were surveyed which helped reveal:

  • The school’s strengths and areas for improvement
  • Effectiveness of communication and preferences for receiving information
  • Quality of teachers and facilities
  • Website functionality
  • Media habits
  • Social media and internet usage
  • Demographics, including income
  • Feedback on key initiatives proposed in the school strategic plan

The surveys were created in several forms, including hard copy and online, as well as tailored versions for the different student age groups to make them appealing and user-friendly. As a result, more than 1,000 surveys were completed – an impressive participation rate of 80 per cent – providing a comprehensive archive of data to work with.

It also shed light on vital feedback from all groups, strong benchmarking data for the school’s performance across many areas and key insights for the website redevelopment, social media engagement and communication preferences. It also identified unknown problem areas and how these differed among each group.

communikate et al was involved at all levels, from survey development to data entry to a detailed analysis with recommendations.

The initial research was followed up six months later by an in-depth survey to further explore the viability of introducing a middle school, and specifically ascertain the percentage of parents who would send their child to the middle school and the reasons behind their decision. This was essential information for planning and funding purposes.

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