Solar Shop Australia remains one of the nation’s leading providers of premium, quality solar power systems tailored specifically to household needs, despite being bought out by Premier Solar in 2011.

Prior to being bought out and with more than a decade’s experience in solar energy, SSA was passionate about the benefits of renewable energy and delivering on “The Power of Good” for individuals, communities and the environment.

communikate et al was engaged by SSA in early 2010 to help deliver the Power of Good message with a comprehensive communications strategy to complement its growing national footprint.

communikate et al worked closely with the marketing team at its head office, together with the individual State Managers, to undertake a proactive publicity and media relations program to maintain and grow SSA’s position as a leading industry expert and trusted provider of solar power.

It was important for SSA to be positioned as an industry leader, particularly at a time when Government rebates and solar incentives were precarious. communikate et al undertook a strategic publicity campaign which included facilitating meetings and interviews with key renewable technology and political journalists at publications including The Australian, The Australian Financial Review and major state newspapers. communikate et al also worked to build SSA’a profile across talkback and news radio.

In addition to the ongoing publicity program, communikate et al’s expertise is used for strategic advice on internal communications, issues management support and media training for key executives.

During the time communikate et al partnered with Solar Shop Australia, the company experienced a significant increase in positive and targeted media coverage nationwide, becoming a key spokesperson on industry issues and continuing to educate the market about the benefits of solar power beyond the generous Government incentives.

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