Rentlo has traditionally operated in South Australia in the household rental space. With the objective of expanding their service offering with ‘rent-to-own’ and diversified finance options to a broader demographic, SA was the pilot location to build brand awareness and launch the new name – RR Rentlo Reinvented.

With national headquarters in Sydney, communikate et al was hand-picked to bring local South Australian public relations and marketing expertise to the rebrand.

We ran a multi-channel, intensive state-wide campaign encompassing a broad range of activities including:

– A highly engaging and broad reaching Nova radio campaign including commercials, breakfast promotion and live on-air crossovers to competition winners

– The design of RR Rentlo Reinvented campaign materials – in-store digital promotion, shopping centre promotions, announcements and posters, EDMs, launch flyers and website artwork

– Talent coordination for Port Power and Adelaide Crows football players for the store launch parties

– Bespoke Facebook competitions for shopping centres and South Aussie with Cosi (a well known South Australian personality) with a massive reach of 180,000

Culminating in five simultaneous in-store launch parties across the state, we provided event management at each location on the day and coordinated one of the major customer draw cards for the metropolitan stores – the great front loader handball competition!

Customers were encouraged to “pick your product, pick your plan and pick your player” helping to reinforce RR Rentlo Reinvented’s key re-branding messages.

RR is not associated with the Radio Rentals Group South Australia

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