Rivergum Homes is a multi award-winning, integrated building and land development group which operates in Queensland and South Australia, servicing the commercial, retail and investment property markets.

communikate et al was engaged to conduct market research on current and lost customers over a period of two and a half years to help decipher the business’ strengths and weaknesses.

Rivergum Homes felt sales conversion rates, following the initial enquiry or first deposit, were too low and it wanted to understand the factors behind this and implement improvements.

communikate et al conducted telephone surveys with lost customers to better understand where and why the business failed to convert. Current customers were also surveyed at three different stages of the building process to track satisfaction levels, understand specific frustrations and perceptions and identify the effectiveness of communication and internal processes.

This process helped identify various key problem areas and assisted Rivergum Homes with implementing necessary changes that were monitored and measured to ensure improvements met specified KPIs.

communikate et al also conducted a customer segmentation analysis by visiting all display home sites several times and interviewing a wide range of visitors. Three core customer groups and two secondary groups were identified as the target audiences and aided the development of appropriate key messages and categorisation of logically grouping home styles and designs.

All information gathered was used to review and renew the business strategy applied to customer driven activities.

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