communikate et al has a long-standing relationship with Renewal SA (previously the Land Management Corporation and the Urban Renewal Authority), working on a range of projects over the past decade. Renewal SA, charged with leading and coordinating urban development, redevelopment and renewal activity in South Australia, engaged communikate et al to assist on two key development projects: Technology Park and the Port Waterfront redevelopment.

When the Land Management Corporation (LMC) approached us to help with defence and ICT hub Technology Park, the development was in urgent need of marketing initiatives that would support its broader objectives. However, the vision for Technology Park was being reviewed and the new corporate positioning of LMC was being developed, which would affect Technology Park longer term. In addition, market research had not yet been completed.

communikate et al selected a testimonial style campaign featuring current tenants of the Park, allowing key messages to be effectively and convincingly communicated from a perspective of ‘real life’ experience. Interviews and photographs were conducted with a range of tenants from Technology Park and used in various ways across a spectrum of collaterals including signage, corporate brochures, advertisements and a publicity campaign. A launch event, attended by prospective tenants, government bodies and agents, was also held.

Another of LMC’s key redevelopments was the Port Waterfront, which had the aim of revitalising and invigorating the Port Adelaide region by building residential accommodation for 4,500 people over a period 10 to 15 years, worth a total of $1.2 billion.

Due to negative attitudes towards the project, communikate et al identified it was necessary to adopt a proactive approach towards leaders within the community, journalists and opinion makers to ensure they understood the process taking place, and to take LMC out of defensive mode. communikate et al conducted media briefings, market research and community consultation, resulting in a significant shift in attitudes, with post-campaign independent market research indicating 85% of the local community were in favour of the development.

In addition to these projects, communikate et al has been engaged by Renewal SA to write articles for its Playford Alive community newsletters. Because one of the key objectives was to make the content more appealing and easier to read, communikate et al suggested a far more relaxed and engaging writing style to connect effectively with the audience.

The final result was a reinvigorated newsletter with a selection of stories that were easier to read and encapsulated the exciting Playford Alive project and the people who live and work there.

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