Precious Cargo Montessori is an early education provider that prides itself on exceptional levels of care and the highest of professional standards.

When communikate et al wrote the winning award submission for Precious Cargo Founder and Director, Cheryl Shigrov to be named the 2013 South Australian Telstra Business Woman of the Year, Precious Cargo was faced with an invaluable opportunity to profile their figurehead and present the organisation’s core values.
communikate et al got to work on a publicity campaign that leveraged the award win to position Precious Cargo as a leader in the Montessori early education sector. Across press, radio, TV and online, communikate et al generated more than 20 stories reaching an audience of 6,336,250.

With four company owned centres across Adelaide, Precious Cargo made the decision in 2013 to launch into the national franchise market. As such, their image in the eyes of the general public, the media and the business market needed to be robust and polished.

communikate et al worked with Precious Cargo to re-invigorate their marketing materials including key message development, design and copywriting of brochures, advertisements, signage, prospectuses, a franchisee marketing manual, a brand new website, an electronic newsletter, LinkedIn recruitment tools and a media crisis protocol.

communikate et al continues to act as Precious Cargo’s marketing department, ensuring all communications are strategically executed to communicate the organisation’s commitment to excellence in Montessori education and their ethos of “realising the potential in each and every child”.

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