Keane’s Organic Food engaged communikate et al to assist with its business goal to expand its customer base and invest in a new, larger off-site premises.

communikate et al developed and implemented a targeted publicity campaign to relaunch the brand through the media and influential food bloggers, reaching thousands of potential customers.

The media program involved delivering a Keane’s Organic Food fruit and vegetable box to a list of 21 hand-picked journalists and bloggers, giving them a taste of the service and products. The boxes contained media and marketing material to control the positioning of the business and key messages, as well as to supply suitable media-ready content.

Following the media drop we worked with each outlet to develop an angle suited to their audience.
During the three-month campaign, Keane’s Organic Food appeared in 48 articles or posts across print, radio, online and social media sites, reaching a total readership of more than 3 million.

As a direct result of the campaign, Keane’s Organic Food increased its client base and subsequent sales and tripled the number of unique visits to its website. The exposure continues to reap rewards with sales continuing to remain strong during what has traditionally been quieter periods.

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