communikate et al has worked with HASSELL since 2005 – a relationship which began with publicity and strategic advice to its Adelaide studio and which has since expanded to servicing the international design firm’s publicity nationally.

communikate et al’s expanded role began after HASSELL adjusted its business strategy in 2012 to focus less on the geographical locations of its studios and instead organise its offering along sector lines to better reflect its significant expertise across a range of disciplines and industries.

Acknowledging the success of its communications activity in South Australia and the depth of relationships that had been established locally, communikate et al was invited to contribute to HASSELL’s national media strategy.

communikate et al is now responsible for driving proactive and strategic media activity for all of HASSELL’s key sectors including health, education & science, transport, hospitality, commercial & workplace and urban design, and has established firm relationships with HASSELL Principals around the country. communikate et al works closely with sector leaders, and their key clients, to secure media opportunities that profile their individual expertise and HASSELL’s major projects in key markets.

National media coverage including stories in The Australian, The Australian Financial Review and BRW, as well as in major state publications, has helped to swiftly place HASSELL more directly in the public eye. This has been further supported by consistent coverage in industry-specific media in Australia and the Asian region, helping to position HASSELL’s expertise in the minds of key decision-makers in relevant industry sectors.

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