In 2012, four leading South Australian charities came together to form a new community fundraising initiative, go the distance, to raise money for better treatments and cures for heart disease and cancer.

The cause called on South Australians to raise a minimum of $1,500 to compete in one of the physical challenges – a 7 kilometre walk, 7 kilometre or half marathon run, or a 30, 50 or 100 kilometre bike ride – at West Beach.

communikate et al worked in close partnership with the four charities – Leukaemia Foundation, Flinders Medical Centre Foundation, Heart Foundation and Little Heroes Foundation – to develop a strategic communications plan and assist with event management, media liaison and publicity.

The campaign focused on building and maintaining levels of awareness of the fundraising event over a sustained period to encourage participation.

In less than seven months, communikate et al secured significant media coverage for go the distance with 109 stories across metropolitan and regional print, online, radio and television with media coverage reaching an astounding 7 million people. The event proved to be a success with more than 400 participants and more than $400,000 raised for research and prevention of heart disease and cancer.

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