Cure4CF Foundation kick started its 5-year $7.5 million fundraising campaign with a Father’s Day appeal in September 2015.

The cystic fibrosis research funding charity decided to launch the campaign by profiling one of the researchers it supports.

Scientist Nigel Farrrow had a great story to tell and communikate et al was brought on board to make sure it was heard.

communikate et al prepared Nigel for his time in the media spotlight
with one-on-one media training, key message development and interview rehearsals.

We established a strategic media plan that aimed to reach as many potential donors as possible with Nigel’s story and encourage support for the Foundation.

Coverage was achieved nationally across 15 media outlets including television, radio and online, reaching an audience of more than 700,000.

The story aired on national breakfast TV program the Today Show, and was syndicated to afternoon and nightly bulletins in Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane. The program’s popular social media channels also shared the story, attracting more than 5,000 likes, 180 comments and 425 shares on Facebook within 24 hours.

Directly after the story aired, the Foundation was approached by a philanthropic journalist, who offered to hold a gala ball for the charity in May 2016.

Radio interviews with ABC 891, 5AA and Life FM, and online media outlets, including, Nine News online and ABC online, also reported on the Father’s Day appeal.

The campaign helped attract almost 70 new donors and more than $10,000 in donations during September for the Cure4CF Foundation.

The Foundation was also selected as the charity of choice for three fundraising groups nationally and enjoyed a spike in social media engagement, including 60 new Facebook fans and 50 new Twitter followers.

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