The Credit Union Christmas Pageant is South Australia’s traditional herald to the festive season and is the largest Christmas parade of its kind in the world, regularly attracting around 300,000 spectators to the streets of Adelaide and many more via the live broadcast.

In 1996, the South Australian Government was in need of a long-term naming rights sponsor for it to be financially viable. At the time, six South Australian credit unions – under the banner of the Credit Union Pageant Company – signed a 25-year deal as naming rights sponsors.

communikate et al was engaged in 2003 with the key objective of leveraging the credit unions’ support of the Pageant, with the aim of positioning the credit unions as valuable contributors to the community. This was particularly important because of the long running history and affiliation with John Martins.

Within an event that has numerous stakeholders, it’s been vital that communikate et al manage priorities between all stakeholders contributing to the event, including the South Australian Government, the Credit Union Pageant Company and its Board and the four sponsoring credit unions.

Since 2003, communikate et al has produced a comprehensive strategic publicity, public relations and communications plan to raise the profile of the Pageant and that of its naming rights sponsors. Divided into three stages – long lead, immediate lead-in and Pageant-time – the campaign spans May to November each year, with a steady stream of stories throughout the year.

communikate et al continues to play an important role in bringing the magic of the Credit Union Christmas Pageant to the lives of South Australian families.

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