In 2001 communikate et al became proud sponsors and publicists for the Come Out Youth Arts Festival.

The largest and most diverse Youth Arts event in the Southern Hemisphere, the following six years saw Come Out enjoy rapid growth in general public awareness and a continuous improvement in its perception as an arts event of national significance, rather than just a schools event.

These results are testament to a passionate and committed festival team, including communikate et al, and our outstanding relationships with local and national media.

The Come Out 2007 publicity campaign saw more than 195 media ‘hits’ relating to the 12-day festival across TV, newspapers and specialty publications as well as online and radio outlets. Interviews and photographs with key artists, festival management and young participants highlighted the key messages of artistic integrity and the importance of youth involvement in the arts.

Daily media exposure for national and local theatre and dance companies as well as authors and musicians from all over Australia supported record box office results for the festival, reaching revenue targets before the festival even opened on May 7th.

More than 42,000 young people and their families attended events, workshops and performances during Come Out 2007 – resulting in what Artistic Director, Sally Chance described as “the best” of her time at the festival’s helm.


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