In 2010, the City of Tea Tree Gully (CTTG) embarked on a community engagement project designed to deliver a vision and framework for the future development of the City for the next 30 years. It was the largest of its type to be undertaken by the council.

communikate et al worked closely with the CTTG marketing team to assist in developing the materials required to undertake the project which involved an intensive series of workshops with members of the local community.

The workshops addressed nine key issues that would have an impact on the City of Tea Tree Gully’s future, from building and infrastructure, transport networks, leisure and play to housing and living and population.

In responding to the brief, communikate et al’s first step was to create a sub brand to encapsulate the project – Create20Forty. This was complemented by a visual identity for which the common theme was a fingerprint used as a watermark. This captured the essence of the project as it was allowing individuals to have their say and put their fingerprint on the City they live in.

Furthermore, each of the nine key issues was assigned its own colour.

The end result was a series of theme papers on each of the key issues, together with a poster that was handed out to encourage participation in the workshops.

Part of the success of the project can be attributed to the strong and creative execution of the theming, combined with the transformation of the language used in the flyers, taking it from ‘council-speak’ to content and a tone that was more accessible to the broader community.

Despite a short turnaround, the Create20Forty campaign attracted praise from the top down at the City of Tea Tree Gully, providing the council with a fresh and contemporary feel without alienating its existing identity.

At the community level it generated an unprecedented level of interest and participation with additional workshops needing to be held to accommodate the high level of interest.




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