communikate et al began working with the City of Mount Gambier (CMG) in January 2008. A period of negative press coincided with plans to publicly announce a three-stage City revitalisation in Mount Gambier. It was vital to gain not only the support of the community, but to secure government funding and wider support in order to make the vision a reality.

Beginning by unveiling its plans to build a new Library and Community Centre, CMG had two goals for marketing and communications. Firstly, it was essential to give the community positive news about the future of the City through the investment in an ambitious redevelopment project. Secondly, it was important to raise the City’s profile in South Australia, with the ultimate goal of encouraging community and government support for the developments and attract new residents to the community.

Tactics included the development of a positioning statement, key messages and accompanying creative execution to use in place of the existing City logo, design, copywriting and production of a comprehensive set of marketing collaterals, a sustained publicity campaign and a series of tailored proposals to government regarding funding and support.

As a result of the marketing campaign, five significant results were achieved:

• A high level of community support for the Library and Community Centre development
• $5.3 million in government funding secured for the Library and Community Centre and the stage two project, Main Corner cultural precinct development
• Library construction near completion and the Main Corner cultural precinct development commenced
• The new City identity and positioning being utilised beyond the City revitalisation projects to represent the City as a whole
• Council positioned as proactive, open, transparent and progressive across all media, thereby upholding a good public perception of the Council and its new developments.

communikate et al’s strategies accurately positioned CMG redevelopments in the community and successfully generated support and awareness of the developments in a relatively conservative community. Clearly defined steps for raising awareness and launching a project, such as the Library and Community Centre, are now in place and can be quickly and easily repeated with only minor adjustments for the next projects.

Internally, the positioning developed by communikate et al has been broadly adopted by CMG and many of the marketing collaterals have been adapted for ongoing internal use. The campaign encompassed CMG’s brand vision for Mount Gambier, giving the community something to follow, support and look forward to.

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