BEE SQUARED Improvement Consultants were established in 2013 to deliver improved processes, efficiencies, increased revenue and enriched customer experiences for their clients.

With an invitation to present at an international organisational coherence conference in New York, the decision was made to build a stronger brand to support their first foray on the international stage, while setting the business up for planned future growth.

To date BEE SQUARED’s marketing had focused on the necessities to get started – a logo, business cards and a basic website. With a four week project timeline, the challenge was set to create a new brand identity, develop a suite of marketing materials including new photography, refresh the BEE SQUARED website and prepare 100 promotional packages to be distributed at the conference.

The branding review took inspiration from the consultancy’s business name referencing ‘bee’ and the essence of organisational coherence and efficiencies. As well as being extraordinarily efficient, bees work collaboratively to ensure the survival of the colony, bound together in this purpose. The branding tells this story with the use hexagons, a honeycomb pattern creative execution and warm orange, yellow and brown colour scheme.

Just as important was the positioning of the brand, supported with the tagline “Improvement Consultants” and the development of a suite of key messages. The application of the brand identity included stationery (business cards, letter templates, with compliment slip, PowerPoint presentation template), an email signature and a complete website refresh, with communikate et al coordinating the design, copywriting, printing and delivery of all elements.

The significance of the NY conference presentation, together with the fact it would be the first public unveiling of the brand, called for something special and out of the box to ‘wow’ the international delegates.

A package centred around a 10-piece wooden honeycomb shaped puzzle engraved with the new logo helped to deliver a memorable message, “organisations are much like puzzles, each element must fit together if they are to work”. Coupled with honeycomb chocolate and clever packaging, including a sleeve around the puzzle, instructing recipients to visit the BEE SQUARED website to view a video of how to put the puzzle together.

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