The Barossa is one of the most celebrated food and wine regions in Australia with a strong history of passionate and creative business people.

The Barossa Trust Mark (BTM) is awarded
 to Barossan products and experiences that demonstrate exemplary achievement and distinction across five values – origin, integrity, quality, environment and community.

BTM chose communikate et al as a marketing and design partner to increase awareness of the BTM amongst consumers and Barossa businesses.

Our campaign strategy re-focused BTM’s approach from one of developing a short- lived campaign to one focused on getting the fundamentals right to ensure longevity, continued growth and brand recognition.

Campaign elements

  • A Stakeholder workshop with Trust Mark holders and other key players
  • Target audience analysis
  • Developing overarching positioning, key messages & tone of voice
  • Complete branding development and creative execution translating the brand offerings into the consumer centric pillars of taste, savour, play and indulge
  • Website design & development – a microsite which was later merged with the new Barossa site as part of a broader marketing strategy for the region
  • Running a competition via the website giving people the chance to enjoy BTM products and experiences
  • Writing blogs for the microsite
  • Search engine optimisation activities – to ensure BTM was front and centre when people were searching online for the Barossa
  • Social media setup and management (Facebook and Instagram) – to raise awareness of BTM
  • Digital Advertising set up and management – to get our social content in front of the right people at the right time
  • An internal communications campaign including developing messages, communications channels and collaterals to generate understanding, ownership and buy in amongst BTM holders
  • Media management and content creation including blogs, media releases and information packs for media distribution


The results of the campaign speak for themselves with outstanding reach and engagement across all digital and traditional channels and an excited, reinvigorated BTM organisation.

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