communikate et al was appointed to manage the marketing, communications and public relations for the annual Adelaide Kids Film Festival in 2013. Launched in 2011, the Adelaide Kids Film Festival is a film festival ‘for kids, by kids’ and targets filmmakers 18 years and under. Films under ten minutes in length are accepted across three categories: live-action, animation and documentary.

With a mission to encourage, foster and nurture an appreciation for digital storytelling by young people, the Adelaide Kids Film Festival creates a stimulating environment where young filmmakers can mix with industry professionals, showcasing their work, rewarding their talent and developing their craft in an arena that encourages both critical thinking and the joy of play.

The goals for 2013 were to promote the festival in key locations across South Australia, Australia, and the world in order to drive entries, raise the profile of the festival, and also position the festival as the leading annual film festival ‘for kids, by kids’.

The campaign reached a total audience in excess of 6.5 million with a total of 90 different stories running across 43 different outlets covering print, radio, television and online. Significantly, 100% of stories that ran included the full festival name which highlights the push for brand recognition and communikate et al’s commitment to growing the reputation of this increasingly popular festival. Throughout the campaign a number of relationships were developed with individual media personalities who showed a keen desire to be involved and help promote the festival in the future. communikate et al will work with the festival to help continually grow this reputation in 2014.


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