The Adelaide Bank Festival of Arts is one of the largest multi-arts events in the world. For the first time in its history, the Adelaide Festival Corporation outsourced publicity for the 2008 Festival.
communikate et al was appointed as the PR agency for the Festival and was responsible for state, national and international publicity.
The key public relations objectives were to generate positive media coverage, profile the Artistic Director, position the Festival as one of the largest multi-arts events across the globe, and help drive ticket sales.
communikate et al rolled out a comprehensive and strategic campaign, which began six months before opening night, to maximise media coverage and media relations, together with promotional activity.
In excess of 1,680 media hits appeared across SA, interstate and international media throughout the seven-month campaign.
Adelaide’s record-breaking heat wave, strained household budgets and multiple events during “Mad March” had the potential to adversely affect ticket sales, however despite these potential barriers to success, box office sales exceeded the 2006 record by an impressive 52 per cent and broke all sales records in the event’s 50-year history.
communikate et al’s highly successful PR campaign effectively challenged traditional boundaries and gave the Festival a point of difference in competitive media markets.

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