Acumen Data offers information management solutions that automate business functions and solve organisational problems.

They specalise in accounts payable systems and their core offering is the Complete Automated Accounts Payable Solution (CAAPS). The business also has a sub-brand, a scanning bureau called, Scan Conversion Services (SCS).

In 2012 communikate et al was engaged to implement some traditional marketing initiatives for Acumen Data including collateral development, copywriting and PR.

Working with Acumen Data to better understand their business and their customer experience, communikate et al soon identified exciting opportunities for the company in the digital marketing sphere.

First steps included a complete review of Acumen Data’s CAAPS and SCS websites, determining what was required to ensure the sites were accessible, keyword rich, well optimised for SEO and packed with high quality content that users were interested in.

communikate et al’s review of the CAAPS website included initiating the use of inbound marketing software, capitalising on the site’s valuable content to implement an ongoing, proactive inbound marketing program aimed at raising brand awareness and nurturing new business leads.

The inbound marketing activities included regular blog posts, an automated email campaign and the establishment of a workflow to nurture new and existing subscribers.

The 2014 Accounts Payable Benchmark Report, published by Acumen Data, and developed by communikate et al, became the cornerstone content for the program and perfect opportunity to exploit many digital marketing channels to promote the report and attract visitors to the site.

2014 Accounts Payable Benchmark Report inbound marketing campaign included the development of:

  • A dedicated landing page
  • An automated email marketing campaign targeting existing subscribers
  • Paid search engine marketing (SEM), including Google AdWords and LinkedIn advertising
  • On-page SEO, ensuring the landing page was optimised for “accounts payable benchmarks”
  • LinkedIn forum engagement
  • and publicity

The results?

  • #2 ranking for keyword “accounts payable benchmarks”
  • A landing page conversion rate of 21.71%
  • An email marketing campaign CTR (click through rate) of more than 20%
  • An email marketing conversation rate of 58%
  • And 86 new quality, qualified leads

Check out the CAAPS website:

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