In lieu of client Christmas gifts this year, we invited the team to each nominate a charity for communikate et al to donate to.

Here are the stories that inspired our choices.


Holly – Muddy Puddles Foundation

Holly headshot

“The Muddy Puddles Foundation was founded this year by my dear friend Lauren, to connect South Australian children suffering rare bladder and/or bowel dysfunction/diversion, and support their families. Her aim is to ensure that these children grow up knowing they’re not alone in both their struggles and their successes. Lauren, her husband Tom and their son Freddie are a constant inspiration to me, and it’s wonderful to see them inspiring and supporting many others through the Muddy Puddles Foundation.”

Ashleigh S – Cure Brain Cancer

“This charity holds a very special place in my heart. In 2014, I watched my dear aunty Liz lose her short but incredibly painful battle to brain cancer. Unfortunately there is no cure and unlike other forms of cancer, the mortality rate has barely fallen since the 1980s. Only two in ten people diagnosed with brain cancer will survive for at least five years. Brain cancer research is in desperate need of additional funding. Together, we can help find a cure.”

Adam – Australian Marriage Equality

Adam-headshot“Australian Marriage Equality is a national organisation working to achieve equal rights for all consenting adults. The organisation believes that a person’s gender or sexuality should not affect their legal rights and responsibilities under Australian marriage law. They, like us, believe that marriage equality will be achieved when supporters work together regardless of faith, party, race or sexuality.”

Samara – Angel Flight

Samara headshot“I have chosen Angel Flight as I have seen first hand the work they do and how much it assists families living remotely requiring ongoing medical treatment. My niece, Ede, was born prematurely and has a food aversion. She lives on the Eyre Peninsula and over the last two years she has needed to come to Adelaide for specialist appointments regularly. Without Angel Flight volunteers it would have been a huge financial strain. It is one less thing they need to worry about. Ede is only two and in her short life has had to endure so much yet is one of the strongest, happiest, most loveable people I have ever met.”

Mel – Time for Kids

Mel headshot“Time for Kids is one of many organisations that provides positive life experiences and support to young people in need.

I wish I could support them all and if I had unlimited time and space, I’d have a house full of foster kids!

I think Christmas is a good time to teach our children just how fortunate we are and to value things like family and love over material possessions (yeah I know – good luck with that!).”

Tegan – The Stillbirth Foundation Australia

TEGAN-Head-Shot“The Stillbirth Foundation is dedicated to stillbirth research – trying to find ways to prevent the devastating and tragic event of a baby born still, and support affected families.

A friend recently lost her daughter at 40 weeks and on researching stillbirths I was shocked to learn:

  • 6 babies are born still in Australia daily – and this number has not changed in decades
  • 60% of these occur at term, in the third trimester
  • Often there’s nothing wrong: one third of cases are unexplained

A huge investment is needed in vital research.”

Bec – Leukaemia Foundation

“Starting out in PR one of my first big gigs was managing the publicity campaign for the Leukaemia Foundation’s World’s Greatest Shave in South Australia, raising awareness to raise funds. Little did I know that blood cancer was to strike my family not once, but twice, with my brother being diagnosed with Hodgkins Disease at age 26, and my dad years later with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia (CLL). Around 34 people are told they have blood cancer each and every day in Australia – and I happen to know two of them. Jamie sadly passed away at age 28, while dad continues to live with his disease. The Leukaemia Foundation’s role is to reduce the impact of blood cancer for people like Jamie and dad through free emotional and practical support and urgent research. Every little bit helps.”

Simone – Autism SA

“Autism SA was established in order to improve life outcomes for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder by providing and facilitating the very best information, connections, expertise, education, services, support and a strong representative voice. It strives to provide a society that enables people living with Autism Spectrum Disorder to get the most out of life.”

Felicity – The Smith Family

“The Smith Family empowers Australian children in need to create a better future for themselves through education. Through education, learning and mentoring they help to break the cycle of disadvantage. Last year they supported more than 112,000 Australian children and their families through their Learning for Life program. This charity resonates with me because I wholeheartedly believe in the power of education to transform lives.”

Carmen – The Jodi Lee Foundation – JLF Trek 2016

“The Jodi Lee Foundation aims to prevent bowel cancer by motivating people to take screening tests regularly, act quickly on symptoms and lead healthy and active lifestyles. Part of the Foundation’s events and awareness program is a challenging two-day hike called The JLF Trek.

This event has special meaning to me as the hike is in memory of my dear friend, Tracey-Lee Diamond, who sadly lost her battle with bowel cancer in February 2014 aged just 41. Tracey’s family is committed to helping The Jodi Lee Foundation raise awareness about preventing bowel cancer and to prevent other people from going through what Tracey, her family and her friends experienced.”

Anne – Cure4CF

“I have a very good friend who has cystic fibrosis and a year ago had a lung transplant. She is doing so well now and is such an inspiration to me through her constant positive attitude through such adversity. I’ve chosen to support Cure4CF, as a cure for cystic fibrosis would be ideal!”

Vicki – The Mary Potter Foundation

“The Mary Potter Hospice provides specialised palliative care to individuals with a terminal illness, helping them to better manage their symptoms and to care for them at the end of their life. The exceptional care, compassion and support provided by the doctors, nurses, pastoral care workers and volunteers enable patients and their loved ones to make the most of the time they have left together, and so an incredibly difficult time becomes a little bit easier to bear. Incredibly, the Hospice relies entirely on public support.”

Courtney – Luke Batty Foundation

“The Luke Batty Foundation, founded by Rosie Batty, works to support women and children affected by the trauma of family violence. Despite the tragic circumstances surrounding her son’s death, Rosie has personified strength by keeping domestic violence on the national agenda and highlighting the importance of awareness. I’m inspired by her determination to advocate change as a legacy to her son and many other victims of domestic violence in Australia.”

Andrea – Aunties and Uncles

“Aunties and Uncles Queensland is an early intervention and prevention program helping vulnerable and socially isolated children aged 1-11 years, within the greater Brisbane and Gold Coast areas. Mentors have an immense long-lasting impact on these children by helping them to experience stability and the benefits of an extended family. This is a small charity that does big work!”

Ruby – Moving Paws

“Moving Paws is a South Australian rescue organisation dedicated to the rehabilitation, re-homing and vet care of abandoned small breed dogs. The team works with shelters and other rescue groups to find dogs in need and give them a second chance. We recently adopted a sweet little Dachshund x JRT from Moving Paws and can’t speak highly enough of their amazing work.”

Ashleigh A – beyondblue

“Most Australians have had some experience with anxiety or depression, whether they’ve experienced it themselves or had family, friends or work colleagues go through it. One in three Australians will experience depression and/or anxiety during their lifetime. With the world moving so fast and social media playing a big part in our lives I see far too many people and loved ones affected by depression, anxiety and suicide. beyondblue is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals, families and communities – and creating change to protect everyone’s mental health.”

Leslie – Surf Life Saving Queensland

“Surf Life Saving Queensland (SLSQ) is Queensland’s peak aquatic rescue authority and is one of the largest volunteer-based community service organisations in Australia. The organisation is built on a fundamental principle: to save lives. Their vision is for zero preventable deaths in Queensland public waters. My family goes to the beach so often and it’s reassuring to know the patrols are there to give us warnings and keep everyone safe. They do a great job but can often be taken for granted.”

Amber – OzHarvest

“We waste more than $10 billion of food each year, yet so many people go hungry every day, including nearly one million Australian children who go without breakfast or dinner. OzHarvest has been rescuing excess food, which would otherwise be discarded, and distributing it to charities that support the vulnerable since 2004. I believe that habits towards food waste need to change, and we should all value it as the essential resource that it is. Nourishing our bodies is one of the best things we can do and thanks to OzHarvest more people are fed and less food is wasted.”

Kate – KickStart for Kids

“KickStart for Kids currently provides breakfasts and lunches to 200 schools in the north, south and western areas of Adelaide.

This equates to around 35,000 breakfasts per week.

The food provided by KickStart for Kids is also used by schools to make emergency lunches because kids that come to school without a breakfast usually do not bring lunch either.

I’m passionate about this program because kids struggle to concentrate without good food and I believe that every kid deserves the best chance of learning to enable them to reach their full potential.”

Maria – Hutt St Centre

“Each year Hutt St Centre serves around 50,000 meals and offers social work and support services to nearly 2,000 people. Showers, laundry facilities, visiting health professionals, an aged city living program for older clients, recreation activities, education and training, legal aid and assistance with finding housing are all services provided to the 200 plus homeless people who visit Hutt St Centre each day.”


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