Mal Chia is one of Australia’s most experienced digital marketers with more than 10 years in both client and agency roles.

Starting out in music and journalism, Mal quickly realised he had a knack for marketing and a keen understanding of the coming digital disruption and made the decision to change his career direction.

His ability to deliver innovative, results-driven digital programs has led him to hold senior marketing positions at the Adelaide Fringe and the University of Adelaide, as well as consulting with many of Adelaide’s leading agencies.

It was at the University of Adelaide that he developed a social media program that has become the template for many Australian educational institutions.

Mal’s knowledge and experience spans the entire digital channel from developing enterprise-level digital strategies and leading large website developments, to driving social media initiatives, executing direct response advertising campaigns and analytics.

He has won numerous awards for his work and is a highly sought-after presenter at national conferences and executive groups.

In his spare time he blogs and podcasts regularly on technology, consumer behaviour and the future of marketing.

As Digital Advisor, Mal provides project support across communikate et al’s growing list of digital clients.

Mal holds a Master of Commerce in Marketing from the University of Adelaide and is a Google-certified digital marketer.







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