Kate Hannemann established communikate et al in 1995 with a firm focus on achieving real results for clients in a contemporary style consultancy, merging marketing with PR – a one-stop agency for building reputations. This has since extended to digital.

The number of clients who have continued to utilise the services of communikate et al since the company’s inception is testament to Kate’s business philosophy of developing ongoing partnerships with clients based on mutual respect and a genuine commitment to the growth and success of their organisation.

Since its inception, the business has grown from representing just two industry sectors to twelve, offering breadth in business contacts and experience.

Prior to communikate et al, Kate has held marketing and public relations positions for corporate public relations consultancy CPR, and leading South Australian arts organisations such as State Theatre, Country Arts Trust and Carclew Youth Arts Centre.

Her expertise spans a range of specialist industry sectors from retail and the arts to education, property, franchising, not-for-profit, major events, government, health and entrepreneurial business.

Kate now works with clients and her team in a strategic development role for client projects, while building on the success of her growing business.

She currently sits on the board of leading aged care provider, Eldercare and the South Australian board of global entrepreneurial organisation, EO. Kate is also a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) and Australian Marketing Institute (AMI), amongst other industry and business associations.

Kate’s previous board roles have included St Peter’s Girls School, leading aged care provider, Eldercare and youth arts company Cirkidz.

Kate’s commitment to community is reflected in her role as a Governor for Linden Park Primary School. Previously, she has been Chair of the SA Committee of the Foundation of Young Australians, as well as being a member of the National Granting Committee. She has also been a committee member of the Franchise Council and was a finalist in the Telstra Business Women’s Awards.

She has been a lecturer, course coordinator and member of the curriculum advisory committee for the Graduate Diploma of Communications at the University of South Australia and has been called upon to lecture to business students at the University of SA.

“It’s my passion for developing meaningful business relationships coupled with our services having a direct impact on our clients that underpins the direction of communikate et al. I’m proud of the real results we achieve for our clients and the reputation we have built as a no-nonsense, can-do consultancy. I work hard to ensure that communikate et al is an employer of choice because I know that my team is the lifeblood of our business.”

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