As communikate et al’s manager of people and culture, Holly is responsible for supporting the satisfaction, engagement and development of the communikate et al team, and continuing the collaborative, progressive culture that the business has fostered since its inception in 1995, which was recently recognised in the 2014 national CommsCon Awards as a finalist in the Best Employer category.

Holly is passionate about helping her colleagues to achieve their professional and personal goals, knowing that a highly skilled, motivated and happy team forms the heart of communikate et al and delivers the best results for clients.

Her current role sees Holly overseeing recruitment, professional development, resource planning, performance optimisation, productivity, staff leave, health and wellbeing, and staff satisfaction and engagement.

Her passion also lies with the business itself, and she’s worn many hats since joining the consultancy in the role of Frontline Operations in 2007 and moving into the Business Support Manager role in 2008. She has extensive experience in administration management, people management, finance, project management, marketing support, and writing. Thanks to the diversity of these roles, she’s also had the opportunity to gain experience in event planning, IT, graphic design and accounting.

In her current role, Holly remains involved in the broader areas of the consultancy, where her interest in business management and multi-faceted understanding of communikate et al’s operations can be applied. She also contributes to communikate et al’s strategic direction as part of the Leadership Team.

Holly is currently studying a Bachelor of Social Science at Charles Sturt University, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Business Management, which gives her the valuable opportunity to blend the theory of university study with practical application in the workplace. In 2012 Holly was granted Charles Sturt University’s Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence. She is an Affiliate of the Australian Human Resources Institute and an active participant in their South Australian networks.

“I thrive on working with the creative team at communikate et al. I am passionate about our organisational values – grounded, tenacious, progressive and genuine – and contributing to a vibrant, enjoyable and supportive workplace.”








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