Bec Tape has spent more than 16 years immersed in the world of communications, PR and marketing as a respected consultant in Adelaide.

After completing a Bachelor of Management (majoring in Marketing and PR) at University of SA, Bec joined Hughes Public Relations where she cut her teeth on a range of clients spanning the property, not-for-profit and retail sectors.

After five years, followed by a year-long stint overseas, Bec returned to Adelaide to join communikate et al as an Account Manager where she was charged with the role of leading the consultancy’s largest clients, including international brands McDonald’s, Vodafone, Coca Cola and Dendy Films, as well as leading SA and national brands such as Solar Shop Australia, CIBO Espresso, IGA, Starlight Children’s Foundation, Community CPS Australia and HASSELL.

Bec’s systematic and measured approach to public relations and marketing, spanning communications strategy, publicity, issues management and stakeholder engagement yields exceptional results for clients.

As an Account Director, Bec shares her time between driving the strategic communications for clients with her business development and management roles.

Current clients include Nexus Pharmacies, COTA SA, Epic Engery, Colonnades Shopping Centre and HASSELL.

“Having been a consultant for more than a decade I know what it takes to deliver exceptional results for clients. In my role as Business Development Manager and Account Director, I thrive on developing strong partnerships with clients that value the important role that marketing and communications plays in a thriving business and work closely with the team to ensure we deliver value every step of the way.”








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