communikate et al partnered with much-loved children’s brand, The Fairies in May 2010 to spread the word about their seventh national tour, ‘The Fairies Favourites’. Incorporating 99 performances across 15 weeks, the tour delivered fun and magic at a number of major metropolitan and regional centres across Australia.


communikate et al developed a targeted publicity campaign to complement The Fairies’ advertising and promotional activity in the lead-up to the tour and for the first leg of the tour in Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia. The scope of this stage one campaign included regional and metropolitan print, radio and online media.


Stage two of the campaign was implemented at a reduced level, focusing only on major metropolitan print media in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland.


A media kit was developed, comprising a media release that was tailored specifically to each region, and a The Fairies gift bag, filled with an array of merchandise. The media pack was distributed to local media in the weeks leading up to The Fairies’ arrival at each location, ensuring there was enough time for interviews and ticket giveaways to be coordinated.


The structured roll-out of media materials ensured all media outlets could get a piece of the fairy-filled action ahead of each show and resulted in a strong, national media presence.

During the four month campaign, communikate et al secured a significant level of media coverage for The Fairies across metropolitan and regional press, radio and TV. An average of six stories per week appeared in the media during the campaign period of 21 May to 20 October and The Fairies featured in 66 media outlets across Australia.




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