communikate et al was brought on board in October 2013 to help build the online brand awareness of Scan Conversion Services and increase the company’s search engine ranking.

With virtually no online presence and a ranking far out of the top 50 search engine results, Scan Conversion Services were in urgent need of a digital strategy to generate leads and increase their business revenue.

communikate et al got to work developing a new website and a comprehensive web analytics package for Scan Conversion Services which not only launched the company into the online space, but made sure that web traffic and digital customer engagement was measurable and accountable.

Scan Conversion Services now ranks first in Google for a number of primary keywords, with rankings immediately improving from the launch of the new website. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) achievements from December 2013 – February 2014 include 12 out of 36 keywords maintaining a top 3 search engine ranking result, 6 out of 7 primary keywords appearing first or second and more than 58% of the site’s key words appearing in the top 50 results.

The Scan Conversion Services website has enjoyed an 18% jump in visits from organic searches and the company is thrilled with the quality business leads being generated.

Check out the Scan Conversion Services website:

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