Since partnering with Rostrevor College in late 2012, communikate et al has played an integral part in the school’s marketing communications activities with the objective to strengthen the College’s identity and increase its profile to build enrolments.

Working closely with design agency de-co, who managed the College’s brand revitalisation, communikate et al developed a comprehensive marketing communications strategy to assist in repositioning the College for the future.

Our first assignment was to drive the Open Day campaign, which provided the springboard to relaunch the College’s new look and feel. Our involvement included the advertising campaign, digital, collateral development, photo and video shoots, signage development and branded promotional items.

To support Rostrevor’s marketing activities we have also implemented a strategic publicity campaign to keep the school and its achievements in the public eye. Since December 2012, Rostrevor has achieved 133 media placements across 56 different media outlets from radio, TV, print and online – achieving an unprecedented level of media coverage in the College’s 90 year history.

As a result of the marketing and communications activity, the Open Day and Principal’s Tours have doubled in terms of attendance figures, with the level of enquiries and enrolments reflecting the renewed interest in the College.


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