In early 2016 communikate undertook a brand review for Rostrevor College, with a focus on the positioning of the college in the market.

The review revealed that Rostrevor were in an ideal position to reinforce positive messages such as their record Year 12 results, completion of upgraded facilities and their reduction in fees. This was an opportunity for the College to instil confidence in the community by leveraging their outstanding reputation.

Campaign Elements

With brand positioning and enrolments being the driver for a renewed marketing and PR focus, communikate outlined a framework for a strategic marketing communications plan to ensure all efforts worked to support this goal.

The creative component of the campaign referenced Sir Isaac Newton’s “if I have seen further it is through standing on the shoulders of giants” – drawing a link to Rostrevor being the giant via the support and facilities they provide their students. This lead to the tagline “see further” which also references future thinking and seeing past common perceptions of the school.

The digital component of the campaign comprised six Facebook advertisements with a goal towards increasing website traffic and Facebook page likes.


While full long-term effects of the campaign are yet to be felt by the client, the digital campaign resulted in 101 new Facebook page likes and 1,443 website visits.

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