From a staff of 12 in 1990, McMahon Services has grown to become one of Australia’s largest privately-owned construction services organisations. Headquartered in Adelaide, with offices in South Australia, Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory, the organisation operates in every state and territory, employing over 430 staff.

In 2010 the organisation realised it was losing some projects by not presenting itself as well as it could. Its identity was also somewhat confused – caught half-way between a specialist service provider and a jack-of-all-trades. Furthermore, McMahon Services was moving into areas of work and geographic locations where it was relatively unknown and lacked the appropriate collaterals and profile to support business development initiatives.

It was vitally important to learn and listen before launching into any significant activity. Surveys, meetings and workshops proved invaluable to ensure the strategies and changes implemented were done right the first time and universally supported.

communikate et al worked in close partnership with McMahon Services to deliver completely overhauled marketing and communications tools and activities, including a tweaked logo with accompanying fresh creative execution, several photo shoots, copywriting and the design of a raft of collaterals, newsletters for both staff and clients, a state of the art website and a proactive national publicity campaign.

In addition, sweeping changes to internal structures and processes were implemented, particular with regard to tender responses and inter-office communication.

Today, the McMahon Services brand is one that befits the company’s stature and is a relevant, unique and memorable visual representation of its values and identity. At a time when many construction industry organisations are experiencing a lull in demand, McMahon Services is actively recruiting and continues to grow, thanks to a strong profile, targeted and effective marketing and sophisticated internal procedures and support structures.

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