Celebrating 100 years of business – and family ownership – was a milestone that leading SA commercial construction company Kennett Builders wanted to mark in style.

Not only was the event to mark four generations of Kennetts in the business, it would also raise funds for a cause close to their heart – bowel cancer.

The business turned to its marketing and communications partner, communikate et al, to help realize its vision of celebrating ‘100 Not Out’ at the majestic Adelaide Oval.

The first step was to consider how the gala dinner would balance reflecting on Kennett Builders’ success, while also informing guests about The Jodi Lee Foundation’s work to encourage them to support the live and silent auctions and other fundraising activities.

communikate et al recommended a running order and project budget, along with a target for sponsorship, which was essential in offsetting staging costs.

A sponsorship prospectus was developed and the response was overwhelming, with the target quickly reached and tickets selling out six months before the October 18 event – a testament to how well-regarded Kennett Builders is within the SA building industry.

communikate et al then advised on and managed all aspects of the event including:

• venue, supplier and sponsor liaison
• investigating, setting up and managing online ticket sales
• event branding, invitation and presentation design
• developing auction forms for use on the night
• MC speech notes and speakers’ notes
• producing a video on the history of Kennett Builders
• coordinating proceedings on the night on behalf of the Kennett family
• generating publicity for the event and the business centenary in target media.

With a full house and the fundraising objective of $100,000 reached, Kennett Builders – and their guests – declared the event an outstanding success. The company is now considering how it can continue its partnership with the Foundation with future events.

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