Opening the first group treatment room of its kind in South Australia, endota spa was keen to promote its exciting new venture. Using a combination of publicity, package giveaways and grassroots promotion, communikate et al worked closely with endota spa to create a buzz around the new room, with the ultimate goal of attracting customer bookings.

The overarching strategy was to ensure people saw the message in a number of different mediums to ultimately encourage word of mouth. Beginning with grassroots promotion, communikate et al secured opportunities to get in front of those attending women’s networking events and the premiere screenings of Sex & The City 2.

A mix of long and short lead media was also targeted, focusing primarily on young women, to create a short burst of publicity. This was coupled with reader giveaways for a group room experience in target publications such as Adelaide Magazine and Barossa Bride. The opening of the room was marked with an official launch event catering to VIPs and selected media.

Within just three months and on a modest budget, communikate et al achieved 23 positive stories across 21 media outlets in South Australian and national media. Highlights included coverage on the TODAY Show, Adelaide Magazine, Herald Sun, Sunday Mail, Brides of Adelaide and several stories in The Advertiser.

The level of media coverage drove customer bookings with 19 group bookings secured within the first 10 days of opening. Since the PR campaign, endota spa continues to receive a consistent 14–16 bookings per month.







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