The Federal Government’s ‘fifth pillar’ reforms aimed at increasing competition in the banking sector presented a strategic opportunity for Community CPS Australia.

Extensive analysis of market trends, member behaviour and the banking sector resulted in the company’s decision to pursue mutual bank status and unite multiple allied brands under one single brand. On August 1st, 2013, Beyond Bank Australia was born.

Having enjoyed a long-standing relationship with Community CPS Australia, communikate et al was tasked with the job of media management at this critical time for the new brand.

After assessing the risks the rebrand may pose to Beyond Bank’s reputation, communikate et al focused on directly countering any potential stakeholder criticisms or concerns in carefully crafted communications to journalists across the national media. More than 20 media briefings were arranged with key journalists from all target regions and the announcement was supported by providing business writers with direct access to the Beyond Bank CEO.

This approach of personal briefings, phone interviews, and the distribution of a concise media release and fact sheet resulted in 47 stories appearing in 38 media outlets across Western Australia, the Hunter Valley, Wagga Wagga, the ACT, NSW and South Australia. 100% of the coverage was positive and 100% of coverage conveyed the key desirable messages.

The total Advertising Value Equivalent of print stories was $24,392 with a total readership exceeding 2,000,000. A great start for the Beyond Bank Australia brand.

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