The publication this month of Deloitte’s 2015 Media Consumer Survey results revealed some tasty fodder for assessing where you’ll invest your next marketing spend.

It might not surprise you to learn that “social media has established itself at the heart of everything we do.”

But did you know…

• 80% of Australians surveyed have at least one social media account
• 59% use social media DAILY
• 23% use it 3 times PER DAY
• 48% say that a company’s use of social media has improved their perception of that
• The influence of social media advertising is increasing faster than any other media

Australians are absolutely in love with their smart phones – no big surprises there. And we’re very adept at using them while we’re doing other things (85% of us use our smartphones while consuming other forms of media.)

We’re more and more interested in low cost subscriptions to music and TV content and we’re still deciding if we want our news on paper or if we’ll pay for it online.

But my favourite part of the report is this:

“We’re comfortable with choice and variety as long as we can easily discover or zoom in on what we’re looking for.

So that we can get what we want, when we want it and how.”

What does that mean for organisations trying to capture the attention and loyalty of their audience?

It means the user experience MUST be at the centre of any marketing assets you develop. Your website navigation needs to be beautifully intuitive and unquestionably mobile responsive. In short, we’ll very quickly move on if we can’t find what we’re looking for.

And the report itself is a brilliant example of user-centric content.

Back in the day, I would have had to painstakingly wade through reams and reams of dry statistical information to find the latest on the viewing habits of 50-something males.

Instead, this report is distilled into easily digestible, visually appealing video and infographics that made me stop and stay and share – because it gave me what I wanted, when I wanted it, and how.

Are your marketing assets providing that for your customers and clients?

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